Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza

What is Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza?

Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza is Luna’s same great pizza made fresh to order and packaged for you to take home and bake in your own oven.

Why would I want a Take ‘n’ Bake?

If you live out of town or if you will be eating your pizza at a later time then Take ‘n’ Bake is the way to go. It’s the EXACT same fresh pizza we make for our cooked pizzas except you bake it when you need it, hot and fresh! Oh, and let’s not forget up to 30% in savings.

How do I cook the Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza?

Click here to see the baking instructions

What size and kind of pizza can I get?

We currently have our medium pizza (12 inches) available for Take ‘n’ Bake. You can order any ingredients you like on your pizza.

Can I freeze my Take ‘n’ Bake pizza?

We don’t recommend freezing them, however, if you do make sure it is completely thawed out before you cook it.

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